About this slut/bitch

I am a 50  year old man,182 tall and weigh 91kg.

I run 3 times a week and watch my diet to be able to weigh 81 kg again by the end of 2023.

I've been into bondage, slick fabrics, latex, and humiliations since I was 14.

I find humiliation piss (diapers, drinking piss, smell of piss, piss about food) public walks in gear (to shock others) also chastity.

Even tried crossdressing, but that's not for me.

Chastity is a must for me, my little pathetic worthless stump must be closed 24/7, 365 days in a 3.5 cm small cage, only leaking pleasure and pissing that stump is still good for the purpose to get even smaller.

That stump is no longer there for my pleasure and enjoyment and I am no longer allowed to do anything with it.

I love gear like latex and rain overalls, I can't find anything without them!

I also love self bondage with the kitchen safe timer, or the timer padlock. Also gaming in full gear, cuffs with locks and keys in timer.