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To obey



have gag in






Rain gear




Here I want to go into individual kicks, describe them a bit and explain what for. I care about the stimulus or what it can trigger in my counterpart. Of course my chosen path is not the golden bullet. There are other methods that are not wrong or more correct. You are most welcome to bring your own ideas and I will try to test or undergo the new subjects or assignments again and again. So don't see my attitude as a one-way street. If there's anything missing here, let me know and I'll make sure you get an honest answer.


I am very anal horny because of my permanent chastity. wearing a plug behind a belt that keeps it in place, sleeping with plug with lock and the praisense hush remote plug for remote abuse. Not extremely large, more like 22cm and 5cm thick.


I really like blowing and gives an extremely slavish feeling of having to do it deep and long.


I'm pretty clear about chastity; a slave/slut should be in chastity all his life. Ejaculating is for real men and not for a slut/slave. All I'm allowed to do is leak from my clit and then lick it neatly or eat it with my piss. The only pleasure I get as a slut/slave is having my cunt filled with a plug as much as possible. I have to appreciate that because the dominant feeling of anal pleasure during chastity also gives a feeling of even more horniness and abuse gives a superlative degree in this for me.


BDSM sexuality mainly takes place in the head. For many slaves it is one great feeling to be humiliated. A must in a session. Both the way and the intensity are individual and diverse. It starts with the place. Not only in my house, but also in public, on the street or elsewhere, other people may notice me. Everyone learns to set limits and taboos for themselves and then look for those limits together with Master. This is also the case with my person pushing the boundaries

Also walking outside with special clothing in public places, bondage in public places, wearing something humiliating such as collar, gag, etc. and this also in the car or even with latex on.

I like to be humiliated with piss by drinking this and eating it. Having to sniff the smell by putting something over my head or nose gives me a huge kick and sometimes even enjoying it in a piss veil.

Update 10-02-2022: no drinking or eating due to stomach problems.


Cock and baltorture: from wearing a prick slip, torture jock to weight(s) on my pocket


Bondage is where one of my biggest kicks lies. From the age of 14 I started with self-bondage, which I could enjoy immensely.

Now I do that by using a kitchensafe, which is a timer box for the keys to the locks I use for bondage.

A bit of humiliation can also be very horny when my Master gives up a time and later says just add 15 minutes extra.


Pain for me is due to wearing a puncture or boxer briefs, wearing puncture pads or when I am punished with the torture jock. A little spanking on the buttocks is also nice. I am not a slave to heavy whip or heavy torture, that is not for me.

Virtual Sex / Cybersex

With cybersex in the form of a great chat or webcam action,

What already fits are tasks in the form of distance education. Carry out assignments and then post photos and films on my site and possibly on another site. The urge to serve and to do everything that is asked neatly is extremely strong with me.