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Slave side of chastity:

When it comes to chastity, I'm a huge fan and over the years I've really come to love and embrace it.

My Master wants me to be permanently in chastity and to remain so I will not see my clit anymore. Clit is for piss and leak as a thank you for using my Master's lusts.

Why don't I throw away the keys you might ask, that's because I sometimes have to fly for work and that is done with a plastic cleaner and lock, because with a metal cleaner you can't get past customs.

You get used to chastity

Over time, your body will adapt, but still get an odol every morning and constantly feel the desire to touch it. With the right chastity de.e, any form of pleasure and orgasm prevents this and is impossible. Believe me I experience it.

Some days of extreme frustration, as well as days when I don't think this is a problem.

As hard as it may seem for other subs of you who are not in chastity to believe in, it gets easier and you get used to being locked in once you are confronted and allowed to experience it.

The Chastity Mindfuck

Now, after a long period of chastity, something wonderful happens. You start to feel the chastity Mindfuck come into play. Not only do you want to cum, but at the same time you want more denial. You begin to crave control over chastity and want control over it more and more.

You find yourself becoming more submissive and longing for even more control over chastity and the chastity Mindfuck is in full swing.

To be honest, I'm amazed at what happens to long-term chastity slaves and how the Mindfuck of chastity grabs them and it moves me beyond measure!

Keep clean :

I get a lot of questions about how long I'm in chastity and when it opens for cleaning.

I am permanently in chastity and do not open to cleaning.

I use a cleaning agent intended for vaginal cleaning and wash my balls and clean in the shower every day. Because the cleaning is an open fence, I can clean everything neatly.

My cock is meant to pee and leak but don't cum anymore, that's ruled out by my Master.

Because of the permanent chastity I am very anally horny.

A dream would be a full Neosteel Arch belt, which runs 24/7 and 365, but unfortunately too much money.
a sponsor would be cool to go in the belt for that person keys no longer in my control ...

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